As you may have realized by now (much to some of your disappointment), this page has nothing to do with festering wounds.  It's a listing of where you can buy Grea Alexander novels (and retailer compilation sources).


While we make every effort to include all of the vendors who are currently carrying Seamonkey Ink works, the world wide web is so large and the task so Herculean that we're bound to miss a few.  If you are a retailer or know of a retailer not listed and wish this retailer to be added, shoot us a line via our Contact Us page. 


If your favorite retailer is not listed, search their site for "Grea Alexander".  If you still can't find us, you march right in there and you demand they add us with all of the authority invested in you by a little tan squirmy aquatic creature. *

* Disclaimer: Neither Seamonkey Ink nor Grea Alexander is responsible for any injury - real or imagined - which might result from such actions including but not limited to jock itch, ringworm, herpes, cuts, bruises, scrapes, diarrhea, headaches, constipation, erections lasting more than 4 hours, sexual dysfunction, dyslexia, incarceration, institutionalization or other forms of detainment against your will.

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